OBD2 Not Linking


After the check engine light appearing on my car, I tried to connect the OBD 2 diagnostic scan tool, only to show an error instead of showing the trouble codes. This issue prompted me to research online and ask different technicians on what the issue might be. A good number of motorists encounter this problem and usually don’t know why it occurs.

But after conducting research online and speaking to different mechanics and technicians, I found out that a wide range of problems can cause it. These issues include an incompatible obd2 scan tool, bad fuses, damage in the circuit board, ECU, and failed computer.

In most cases, these issues can be rectified and amended to allow you to read the error codes. First and foremost, you should inspect whether the code reader is compatible with your vehicle or not. Test it with another car and see if it functions, if it doesn’t, then probably, the issue is not with the scan tool. Afterward, try checking the fuses and see if they are working fine. If there is a bad fuse, you will continue receiving the error when you link the obd2 to the computer. Get it replaced so that you can detect the error codes and allow them to be displayed.

In addition, one of the computers might be the problem. But identifying this is very difficult as a result of the data transferred between the two controllers. So, you will need to check the main ECU. Another way of identifying what the cause or the no linking could be is by testing pin to pin check with a wiring schematic while utilizing a voltmeter to inspect every single wire. If you are not able to find out what the issue is, you can visit a mechanic to figure out and correct any errors.


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