OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth VS Wi-Fi


Which one is better – Bluetooth scan tool or Wi-Fi scanner?

The advancement in technology has allowed OBD2 scanners to be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi compatible. In the past, OBD scan tools didn’t have such connectivity. But most of today’s scan tools come equipped with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or both. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivities have simplified the use of scan tools and allow them to be linked to the internet and other devices like the PC.

But which one is the best to use, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Typically, OBD2 Wi-Fi works more or less like a bridge between the onboard computer in your vehicle and your PC or any other compatible handheld gadget, communicates with the OBDII systems and then relays data either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, the Wi-Fi OBD2 scanner acquires data from your vehicle’s computer via the use of your PC and a hardware interface. Actually, the Wi-Fi OBDII car scan tool allows you to carry out a number of operations which include:

  • To read both generic as well as manufacture specific error codes and show their meaning on the PC.
  • Supplementary vehicle instrumentation
  • To display all the current sensor data that includes vehicle speed, engine RPM, calculated load value, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, and intake air temperature, among others.
  • Clear all the trouble codes and turn off the check engine light

The Bluetooth scan tool has a wireless OBDII adapter which can be utilized both with a PC and a smartphone. This works in the same way such as OBD2 Wi-Fi android. The scanner uses its medium-speed CAN bus protocol to offer data in a quick way. Also, it functions with all the 1996 and newer cars and light trucks that are OBDII compatible.

One of the benefits of using the Bluetooth adapter over the traditional scan tools that use hard-wired connections is that it gets rid of the use of a cord. Also, connections are made easy. In addition, the Bluetooth version of a diagnostic scanner not only easy to use but as well offers informative engine scanning. It can retrieve trouble codes, reset engine light, and read numerous statistics which are not present in other diagnostic scanners. All you have to do is to connect the Bluetooth to your phone or laptop and start diagnosing your vehicle.


All-in-all, you can decide to use a scan tool by linking it to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth is much easier as once connected, it will be stable and won’t interrupt your process. But with Wi-Fi, has interruptions that might force you to reconnect from time-to-time.


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